This project is an end-to-end case study of how advance deep learning techniques can help us to classify the intent of a query asked by a bank customer without any human intervention. This scenario can be helpful for a chat-bot to decide what should be the reply message to the customer after understanding the intention of the message.

Table of Contents:

  1. Business Problem

1. Business Problem

The business…

This project is an end to end case study which will give you a taste of a real world data science problem, how you start just with a business problem and end up having a full-fledged web app using the best model. I understand this blog is a bit long because I wanted to share everything that I tried with you. Hope you enjoy reading this !!!👍

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I recently came across this proverb,

“Timely return of the loan makes it easier to borrow a second time.”

Obey the proverb above, if you don’t want my model to predict you a…

Winston Fernandes

Aspiring Data Scientist, Consultant at L&T Infotech

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